Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Technology Hurting Us


       Computers, Phones, and many more advancements of technology have taken place in the past century. They help us to connect with each other, capture memories, and keep us updated on news. Perfectly harmless, right? Things like that are amazing. However, advancements in technology could be harming us.


      Maybe advancements in technology aren't the best thing ever. Computers and social networking sites are outlets for bullying. Cyber bullying can be more harmful than physical bullying since it will last forever. Phones are giving us distractions due to the amount of applications added on today. E-mail makes sending messages to faraway people more insincere. Distancing people from the ones closest (literally) to them. So, technology is somewhat of a blessing and a curse. Helping and Hurting.

Final Thoughts

      So, what are your thought on technology? You already know mine so let me know yours! Answer in the comments below.

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